Shop Faster and Fixed Up!

Okay so Jason kicks butt and resolved quite a few issues in a very short time. It is so nice having a tech smart partner. 

Some things he fixed

::You no longer have to create an account to check out, you can just check out by adding your shipping and billing info. 
::The detailed picture option is now working so I’m going to add more pictures for the kits (hooray!)
::Turned off a lot of options that were on by default and that helped to speed things up. 
::There is a link back to the Craft Leftovers site along the top of the page. 
::There are options for items – so as soon as I finish adding them, you will be able to pick the color from the drop down menu for kits with multiple color options (fingerless gloves, honey bunny kit, cat hoodie kit). 
::He fixed the add on option, so kits that have add on can be added on right on the kit page instead of having to select two items. 

And we are looking into getting it’s own designated server space instead of using shared server space. It will be a monthly fee, but it would improve the speed on and not just the shop – so a win win kind of thing. 

Also in the mix is that we are going to update the site’s template – a lot of bugs have been fixed, so the twitter widget will work and the homepage will be updated more easily and sorted from newest to oldest instead of oldest to newest (which never made sense to me in the first place). 

A lot of these things are convenience and aesthetic issues, but let’s face it, that is really important! I want your Craft Leftovers experience to be awesome and flawless. No broken links, convoluted check outs, or a rarely updated homepage.

I’m going to work on the color options and additional images for the kits. The shop is fully up and running with hopefully no more issues. I’m just working on making it prettier and easier to navigate at this point. If you do run into a problem, just email me, I’m stalking my email so I’ll get back to you very shortly to resolve any issues you have. 

Thank you for your patients and your support!