Mourning my MacBook

I’m posting this from Jason’s computer… This morning a tragedy struck our home. I tripped and dumped my coffee right on to the keyboard of my Mac. It clicked off never to be restarted again.

Thankfully, Jason has an old PC at the office and we are working on freshening it up a bit–adding some ram and junk like that and reinstalling the various programs I need. It will take most of today, but I should be up and running by tonight. Look for a new post first thing tomorrow morning.

Have a great day!

One thought on “Mourning my MacBook

  1. Oh dear…I know how you feel because I did this before. Full cup of coffee all over laptop. I noticed that after drying it did work again, but it depends what parts inside were coated that can or cannot communicate…cleaning my help…but int he end I did buy a new iMac…sigh! I guess the good side is that you get a new computer? :P

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