My Little Mac Baby is back! WOO!

I have been pretty torn up since I spilt coffee on my macbook yesterday. I went through all the phases of grieving. I was upset with myself. I was upset with the day of lost work and being behind. I cried. I got depressed. I got optimistic and pessimistic and in general listless and wandering around. I didn’t know what to do with myself and every time I had the impulse to google something, I started crying again.

We were going to go get a new computer, 18 months same as cash, no interest down, but I decided against it. I had just renewed my resolve in saving and paying off my credit card once and for all. There had to be another way and there was. Jason is awesome and fixed up an old pc in record time and just as I was settling in to work today and he was making the final file transfer, an amazing thing happened. The mac turned back on! Hooooooooooray!

{I swear, we had tried it so many times, even this morning and nothing! And this afternoon, bing. On!}

I did take all of yesterday and this afternoon to set up the pc so I have not done any post writing as I had planned. I did do a lot of journalling and writing analog-style in my sketchbook. I have a great new series of posts I’m kick starting tomorrow. I’m going to call today a wash and start fresh in the morning.

I have to say, it was quite the emotional roller coaster: going from being so sad, starting to get okay with it, and then back to happy and shocked. It really wore me out! Crazy how that works.

If you have placed an order since Saturday, it will be going out first thing tomorrow morning + you get a little extra bonus for the delay. Yeah, this all went down nice and early first thing yesterday morning as I was about to drink my morning coffee.

Ah, back to regular posting and much crafty goodness tomorrow.

Happy Crafting!

3 thoughts on “My Little Mac Baby is back! WOO!

  1. Glad the Mac Book came back. Just think, you now have a PC at the ready should anything else happen… I wouldn’t wish anything else to happen, but sometime redundant systems inspire the universe to keep the primary system up and running. Looking forward to the new series of posts. (And the e-book)

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