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I am going to have a two post day today, so don’t worry, this isn’t all that there is today here on Craft Leftovers. I just wanted to post some updates. It’s been a long time since I put out a newsletter and I finally sent one out yesterday. I have decided to make sure to send one out every first Monday of the month from now on.

I also decided to set up a semi regular posting schedule, which I will stick to most of the time. But if something awesome comes up that is time sensitive, I’ll post about that instead. Anyway here it is:

DSC_0059 Patterns and project tutorials are posted most weeks on Fridays. Project techniques include: sewing, knitting, crochet, and sometimes other things too!

DSC_0107 The Apartment Redress project on Tuesdays. Most Tuesdays I focus on projects I’m working on for the apartment – from refinishing a dresser to making new curtains for the studio. Fun things you can do on hand to make your creative space and home a bit more creative.

cookies01 Thursdays in the Thrift Kitchen. I’ve always felt that the Thrift Kitchen project was in the same vein as Craft Leftovers – the same thing only applying it to the kitchen. Each Thursday, I’ll take a look in my cupboard and see what I can come up with – then share it with you! Come join me in the kitchen the day before grocery day!

DSC_0022 Monday and Wednesdays are random fun days – interviews, guest posts, what’s going on in crafterdom, what I’ve been reading and what inspires me. Sometimes

I think that this will help me out a lot. Kind of give me a focus throughout the week. And it varies a lot and builds on what I’m already doing on a daily basis + gives me some wiggle room on Monday and Wednesday to do whatever I feel like.

I’m hoping to start doing more than one post a day, maybe just a “this is what I saw in my blog role this morning that inspired me” to start. Maybe full on double posts with original content. Not sure yet. I’ll start small. I just want to consistantly post 5 days a week, then work up to more posts per day over the next few months.

So that is that. The other thing, going back to the newsletter, is that I updated the archive completely and realized I had a lot of new things! Here is the list:

New Patterns and Tutorials

DSC_0112 Out and About Headwrap (original post)
Zip IT! (original post) (download pdf)
Scrap Table Runner: Guest Post by ReFashion (original post)
Loopy Felt Flowers: Guest Post by Sister Diane (original post)
shopnride Shop N’ Ride (original post) (download pdf)
DSC_0058 Tribble Trivet (original post) (download pdf)
DSC_0008 Springy Head Wrap (original post) (download pdf)
DSC_0081 Super CC Face Cloth (original post) (download pdf)
Paint Chip Notecard/Postcard Guest Project from Tangle Crafts (original post)

And then also, don’t forget, Craft Leftovers Monthly is in the shop until midnight tonight. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already:

Get a one month zine+kit bundle. (etsy :: artfire)
A three month subscription for the zine+kit. (etsy :: artfire)
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See you in a little bit with the first Thursday in the Thrift Kitchen post!

Kristin Roach