The Sweater Chop Shop


I was delighted when Debora of Storey Publishing asked me if I would like a copy of the The Sweater Chop Shop: Sewing One-of-a-kind Creations from Recycled Sweaters by Christina Ffrench. Would I ever! This book is lovely in every way. I really enjoy how instead of models, this book is completely illustrated. *cover and main project illustrations done by Marguerite Sauvage, all the tutorial illustrations were done by the author, from what I can gather from the inside flap anyway. Both are great illustrators.* The author has many insights on how to use a sweater – both fulled and straight up. And she has this great diagram on the most efficient way to cut up the sweater for parts. Explaining stitching methods for piecing together the sweater – a key thing. This is more important than might be first expected. To keep the fabric even and from pulling, or the threads from pulling out. The instructions are superb.


The illustrations are really great – kind of reminds me of how I draw :)


There is a great mix of projects for the home, this one is my favorite:


And then for wearing. So many cute sweater tops for women and kids:


And check out this great little dino made from the leftover bits from the other projects. Love it! Leftovers craft material use at its best ;)

DSC_0021 DSC_0022

And there are finger puppets and other plushies. Like these sweet little baby chicks! Couldn’t you just imagine make a half dozen of these, putting them in an empty half dozen egg container, and wrapping them up as a gift. I just found out one of our friend’s is having a baby soon, this will definitely be making its way into the gift basket.


I have never seen felt flowers made like these. They are so amazing. Buttons and little scraps of fabric. This might be a great ReDress project. You see I cannot have vases of flowers around because the ferrets would make short work of them. This might be the perfect mix of color, craft, and spring i am craving. Perfect.


Check out these cute hoodies for kiddos.  The write up on the back is pretty great too.


Happy Crafting!

6 thoughts on “The Sweater Chop Shop

  1. I added in the info, sorry about that oversight on my part. I think I was a little too giddy about the sweaters being chopped up :)

  2. thanks for the great review! If you would like to stay on top of all the happenings and workshops around the studio you can fan me on facebook. The business is listed at Crispina.
    thanks again!
    Happy Creating!
    Crispina ffrench

  3. oops that was supposed to say I listed my business on Facebook as Crispina

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