November Craft Leftovers Monthly

Happy Halloween everyone!
It’s two days late going out the door, but it’s on its way to you now. Thank you so much for waiting, and I promise it will be well worth it. I have to say I feel this has been the best issue yet. Or at least it’s my favorite so far. It’s packed full of crafty goodness and some recipes for the season too. With the kit, even if you don’t know a baby, the bib works great for dolls for older kiddos too.

It should be arriving at the latest by the end of next week and for international order the weekend after that.

I have a ton of great ideas already flying through my mind and jotted down in my sketchbook for the December issue, so if you are not already signed up for that month, make sure to save the date. It will be on sale from November 18th to the 25th (Sunday to Sunday). In a strange way, or maybe not so strange, it reminds me of my studio work: each piece, or in this case issue, gets better. I’m really excited about the next one and think it will be really fun to put together.

I also wanted to explain the increase in shipping. I decided to go to boxes instead of envelops. It will allow me to send things of a more fragile nature without the worry of them getting to their new home in one piece (aka candy corn and glass buttons). It has unfortunately added a bit more weight as well as cost of packaging.

There are 10 issues left that were made in excess. I’m going to go ahead and re-list those in the shop. They will be on sale until Monday morning November 3rd. So if you thought you missed out this month, head over that way and pick one up. Unlike the regular subscription schedule, these, because they are already made, will be sent out as soon as payment is received.

Well, I hope you all enjoy this month’s issue as much as I have and have a wonderful November!

See you all on Saturday! Keep it Crafty!