Outdoor Weaving

Weaving is such a versatile craft. Yes, you can make throws and rugs and tapestries. But you can also make clutches and badges and, like in Weaving Unloomed by Diane Gilleland – patches and pillows and all sorts of other things. And that’s just with yarn.

There is so much more… outside!

For instance, you can weave fences with willow – tall ones or as little as you need to trim the edges of your garden beds.


Last week, when I went to build some supports for the tomatoes last week, I forgot my hammer and screw driver. Well, no big deal, I’m resourceful.

I simply pounded the slats into the ground – 4 wide, 3 deep. Then I wove the horizontal slats in a plain weave fashion.



Then I pounded more stakes in and wedged them under the fence and wove stakes through the vertical slats.


A perfect support for the cucumbers and beans.


check that out – we have beans!


And when I stepped out of the garden , this little guy gave me quite the start! he hopped right over to the dirt and stared at me for a bit before deciding I wasn’t a threat.


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