August Craft Leftovers Monthly in the shop!

Drawing is my primary language. I have been drawing since before I can remember and before I could read or right most definitely. I am so happy to present this issue to you because it’s all about drawing. Yes of course there will be some instruction on drawing, but there will be a lot of great drawing related projects and tutorials.


*How to make your own charcoal
*Book reviews for books about drawing – from Instructional to Inspirational
*Sew your own Pencil Wrap
*A great right up on an enthusiastic draftsman Micheal Nobbs
*And of course many other fun things that will just have to remain a surprise to you

This zine is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning to draw, is fascinated by drawing but hasn’t given it a try yet, or loves drawing likes me.

This months kit is pretty neat. All the supplies you need to make your own codex bound sketchbook – boards for the cover, scrap paper to fill it, waxed linen thread, and a curved needle for stitching. Included in the kit is a brand new mini book: Stitch and Sketch IT!

You can get a:

1 Month Subscription

3 Month Subscription

or the Zine!

You can check out the listings here if you have an account on etsy.

Full Subscriptions are on sale until 2pm on Tuesday July 21st and are sent out all at once on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Make sure to go check it out and I’ll see you all tomorrow. Back to work drawing, cutting, folding, and assembling! I love putting this all together each month.

See you all tomorrow! Have a great night!


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