Painting a Mural: The largest WIP in my life!

I spent 4 months of planning, stressing, getting things approved, talking to the right people, researching, and drawing. Last Saturday was the kick off of the largest project I have ever executed in my life: a 12’x80′ mural!

Campustown Mural Project: Day 1!

This project is large in it’s physical size, but also in the scope of people involved and cost to make it happen. I headed up a great group of people to get this project to this point. We have hit so many walls and overcome every one. We discovered expense after expense that was unanticipated but we won a grant. We received almost all our other materials as donations from local businesses. In the end, only a few things were paid for for out of pocket–like liability insurance and the epoxy varnish to seal the whole thing.

Finally we are to the point I love, the thing that makes it all worth it: painting the mural!

Campustown Mural Day 4

This project is so exciting and fun because it’s not just me. It’s me and about 50 other people! This is a mural that everyone can come and help with. Today the firemen from across the street were helping to paint!  It’s not just scraping and priming, but painting at every step of the design. Except for maybe final touches, it’s a paint by numbers process. We’ve had anywhere from 8 – 17 volunteers each day coming out to help make this project happen.


I’ve been working around the clock since Saturday on this project. I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that I need to cut back on posts until May 16th. Not all the way, but posting 3 times a week seems reasonable. I am finishing up Craft Leftovers Monthly and had to face the facts that I didn’t have enough time to post, finish CLM, and paint this beast of a wall. Once it’s finished I will be 100% yours again and we can have some fun crafty time together. :) Just give me 10 more days and it will be back to 5 days a week of crafty goodness.

In the meantime, if you would like to keep up to date on the mural you can check in on Kro Studio or check out the newest pictures on the Ames flickr pool.

I’ll be back with a fresh look at an old pattern on Friday.

Happy crafting!


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