Pattern on Sunday

Well yes. Choices sure are hard. Sometimes, like today, I do get hit with guilt that I should be working on my school work. I have been pretty good about it so far, but this week, what with breakdowns, studio refashioning, and working extra hours, I don’t have nearly enough done for class tomorrow (advanced painting critique class). And, it’s the second to the last class. Thankfully this week’s pattern doubles for class, so I have it finished, but I don’t have time to write out the intructions (it’s a technique I’ve been doing for a long time but have never tried to explain so it’s going to take a little longer). So here is what is going to happen: Work on painting tonight, class and knitting in public tomorrow, posting the pattern on Sunday.

Oh and this goes for the pattern testers too. I’m going to put the finishing touches on those patterns as well and send out the “welcome” email Sunday too.

I’m almost done with this class, so things should be pretty fab and on schedule again really soon.

I’ll be back on Sunday! Thanks for waiting!