Magnet Fantastic

So I completely changed my mind on the pattern today, which caused an extra delay. It turned out for the best there because what I had planned on, well, I had no idea how to explain it, so it wouldn’t have been posted at all! Geeze.

I did have a whole lot of fun making these and I hope you do too. It’s a pretty simple little pattern on how to make three different types of magnets. They are all pretty easy to make, but I honestly love the way they jazz up my frig so nicely.

The first pattern is just your straight up gluing a magnet to an object kind of thing, the second is how to laminate an image with a backing and make that into a magnet, the third is a little scrappy magnet that you sew together. I have 4 little templates for the last one.

Download the pattern here

Okay so, yesterday wasn’t the last day of class, we are having are final final critique on Saturday. So I’m going to post another scrappy pattern next week too because I’m going to be in my studio working like a mad woman.

I don’t really have any updates in particular. I’m going to hold off on trying to stock up the store until class is out. But then it will be a kit making extravaganza.

Have a good week everyone!

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  1. These are super-cute, Kristin! And I’m sending you lots of fortitude for the week ahead. :-)

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