Pinny Stitch Markers

I always get these grandiose ideas about polymer clay. I think I’m going to make these wonderfully maticulous little doo dads… and then nothing. Maybe some mashed up bits, but not much else. Combine that with the fact that I made some earrings a while back and you get 20 jump rings and 4 earring hooks. What the heck am I going to do with the other 16!

Well, I decided to make some stitch markers. But instead of those pegs that are used for jewelry making, we are just going to use plain old straight pins. So not only are they super inexpensive, but super quick. They definitely make great presents for any knitter you know. Yeah, I’m thinking about Christmas already.

I went a little nuts once I got going on them and before I knew it I had a whole pan full:

Here you go:

Now you may have noticed the throw back to a jpg instead of a pdf, well….. so… Thursday night, I was sipping tea, working on stuff…. I turn my back for a second to go make some popcorn in the other room and I come back to see the ferrets tag teaming my poor ibook. The dumped my tea all over the keyboard and shorted it out…. So I lost all of my programs, particularly the one that lets me put pdf’s onto the craftleftovers server…. among a lot of other stuff like all my patterns’ original files for the past few months. Sigh, I now know, a little too late, that even if I think it’s out of ferret reach, no liquid is ever safe around my open laptop.

This is what shows up when I try to turn it on:

At least it’s turning on now, but I think, what it’s telling me, is “woops, I’m not able to find a drive to boot up off of.”

So I dusted off my old laptop, a Sony Vaio from about 5 years ago, and started it up. I have to keep it plugged in at all times because the battery is crap, but at least it’s working. Then it did this:

I think it’s telling me “what the heck are you doing? I’m old, calm the heck down, stop openning programs, ah! Blhark.” I restarted it, twice, and it seems okay…. not sure how long for though.

So I’m not sure how I’m going to get a new laptop, but I think my old one will work for now… we will see.

Anyway, all that, kept me from posting the winners of the birthday contest last night, and now I have run out of time and don’t have them ready still. I have the winners picked out, but I need to leave. I am just going to do a separate post for the winners. Most likely tomorrow afternoon. Maybe sooner…. or later actually, I can’t get consistent wireless so I’m going to wait until I get that so I can post pictures and whatnot. Sorry about the delay of game!

See you all soon! Have a good and crafty weekend!

6 thoughts on “Pinny Stitch Markers

  1. No liquid is ever out of ferret reach. I left a glass of oj on a window sill only to come back to a ferret dancing in the puddle. How the heck did they get up there?
    And you don’t have this problem with a notebook, but on our pc we had to get a cordless mouse so we can hide it from the girl ferret…

  2. I have so learned my lesson. A little late though. I guess I’m having trouble adjusting to the new farret’s behaviors. She’s so different from Ferret Beuler. Sloane P. gets into places he never cared about, rips up stuff he was never interested in, and vise versa. Between the two of them everything has to be in a drawer or rubbermaid and even 6 feet off the ground is no match for Sloane’s expert climbing skills. She’s getting better, but it’s tough to train her sometimes because she’s deaf and can’t hear when I yell “NOOOOOOOO!” from across the room. Haha. Oh well. She is so cute and sweet and somehow she it just in my heart for good.

    Do you find that girl ferrets are more determined to say break and climb?

  3. My girl sure is! Before we got her we had just Duncan for a year, and anything higher than the couch or the bed was too high for him to climb. We barely had to ferret proof the house. Evey on the other hand, climbs up onto the dining room table, jumps across from one piece of furniture to another in the living room, and climbs shelves. She also has a lot more energy than Duncan, he sleeps most of the day, plays for about two hours, and sleeps some more. She’s awake and active I’d say about eight hours a day.

  4. geesh, I with I would have known before getting the little lady, I would have adopted another male instead! She is so cute though, I don’t think I could part with her now.

  5. I wish I had had a ferret to blame my iBook/water spill/scary moment on. My spill was plain water, but for 24 hours it wouldn’t turn on, but would make a humming clicking noise when I tried. Then, suddenly, as I was about to give up, it was Healed!

    BTW, I’ve been lurking for a while and I love all the tutorials you post!

  6. Thank you so much for delurking! I wish mine would go “poof” fixed, but the whole question mark lets me know that even though everything is dried out, it’s just not going to right itself. Sigh. That’s just the way things go I suppose. I’m settling back into my old computer okay though, just if I look at it funny it crashes, haha. I’m going to the apple store tomorrow to see if they can do anything… I hope so!

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