Playing Around the Christmas Tree: Mini Tree Skirt


Last month we had the final Ames Sew n’ Swap of the year. We get together and bring fabric, patterns, books, and sewing notions to swap, then we hang out and sew for a few hours. It’s a great way to meet people, get new-to-you supplies for free, and learn some sewing skills – because everyone has something to teach. It was a ton of fun and I can’t wait for our monthly meetings to begin again in February.


I nabbed this super cute piece of Christmas fabric while I was there. I had entertained many project ideas. This week I finally made the leap and jumped feet first into tree skirt making. Being too impatient to measure anything or form a proper circle, I folded the piece in fourths, then folded it from the point twice. So I had a nice little triangle. I cut the tip off, then the end (like above).


So easy! I think it turned out pretty well. The hole in the center is a little too big, so just to warn you, you might think you aren’t making that big of a hole when you cut 3″ of the hole.  But remember, that makes a hole with a 6″ diameter. Which is fine for a real tree, but for a little 3′ tree, that’s huge. Jason was like, “That looks a little big.” And I said, “Nah, the tree is just a little small, that’s all. We just need a bigger tree.” Haha. I do want a bigger tree, but not this year.


Anyway, then I dug this really neat vintage trim out of my stash. I had been hoarding it for years, time to let go. I sewed it around the circumference, then just folded over the center circle’s and slit’s edges and top stitched them.


Time for buttons. These are actually another item that I’ve been holding on to for awhile. You know, one of those items you try to match up with every project, but nothing quite works. Well, it worked perfectly for this little skirt. I used silk cord stitched to the underside of the fabric as fasteners. Easy peasy. There are 3 buttons and 3 loops of silk cord.


The tree is sitting on top of a little shelf, but it would look really nice spread out on the floor or over a bigger surface. Turned out really cute all the same. I really like it. And my friend Christina was like, “Oh wow, did you just make that? That’s so cute.” Which is always the biggest compliment.


{bumped up the exposure on this one so you could see it a little better}

The tree is a little too small, I can’t even fit all my ornaments on it. Not only do I make a few each year, but my friend Carolyn always sends me a few too, like that sweet “love” one. And there’s the gingerbread one my sister made for me last year. I want to show them ALL off :)


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Happy crafting and happy holidays!