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ReRelease :: Old Patterns, New Look :: PinTin Canny & H2O Slinger


I updated two patterns this week, the H2O Crocheted Slinger and the Pin Tin Canny! The H2O slinger is a great pattern to make for the spring – just in time for all those long walks you are promising yourself you will take. And the Pin Tin Canny is just the thing to tidy up your studio – a great pencil holder!


Download the H2O Slinger Here (pdf). See the original post here.



Download the PinTin Canny Pattern Here (pdf). See the original post here.



I’m happy to report that all server mix ups have been fixed up on both Craft Leftovers and Kro Studio Blog! Hooray to that!

I’m going to try to list a couple things in Green Prairie Fibers, work on the CL shop inventory, and then work on some paintings. I’m feeling in the mood to post something tomorrow, but we will see how it goes. I might see you tomorrow, I might not. I might just get sucked into the studio and i would not mind that at all!

Have a great night and happy crafting!