ReRelease :: Travel Tissue Cozy :: Lady Moss Mittens

2100904 I have many patterns from when I just started Craft Leftovers that are just a jpg you click on and print. Although this works okay, pdfs are a quite a bit nicer (better quality and readability) and smaller file size (easier on my server limitations).

So as I announced last Monday, I’m going to start working through old patterns and rereleasing them every other week.. Not just converting them over to pdfs, but proofing them and when possible adding better photos. My camera skills have improved quite a bit over the last three years… especially in the last 6 months – thank you Jason!

It also will be a nice way to reacquaint you with some old goodies or if you are coming to Craft Leftovers just recently, showing you some older patterns you might not have seen the first time around.

This past week I corrected and reposted the Lady Moss Mittens (was originally a pdf, but had some errors): (Original Post)
Lady Moss Mitten

As well as converted the Travel Tissue Cozy pattern to a pdf. I updated the photos, edited some type-o’s and gave it a face lift. (original post)

My work schedule has changed quite a bit since I started to do pattern posts on Monday. Mainly I’m teaching classes now more than working at the chocolate shop so I’m able to set my own schedule. I’ve decided to go back to Friday Pattern posting, starting with this Friday! So there will be a new pattern up this Friday. A little embroidered project I’ve been working on this week.

So enjoy the oldies and look forward to the new ones to come! I’ll see you tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love that you’re reposting these! I haven’t been blogging for very long so it’s fun to see what people came up with in the past! These are great. I’m a huge mitten fan-so cozy! I’ll be linking.

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