Scrubby Bumpy FaceCloth Kits! In the shop!

I’m happy to get this kit into the shop! Check it out here! The yarn in the kit is recycled yarn from a big cotton sweater! It’s a duo kit, so you can knit or crochet it!

Scrubby Bumpy FaceCloth Kit! Scrubby Bumpy FaceCloth Kit!

I’m testing some new recycled yarn out to see how much the pattern uses up (not all yarns are created equal as far as coming out of a sweater and being made into a facecloth goes). I should have some more in different colors up soon, but these two are the last of the red yarn (which mostly went towards clm kits a few months ago). So if you like deep red, get your hot little hands on one of these asap before it’s gone for good!

I’ll be back later with that spicy bulk buying post I mentioned yesterday!