Sick as a dog.

Okay, so I’m sure you’ve maybe seen my random crabbing about being sick on twitter. But the truth is, I’ve been realllllllly sick. Chicago kicked my butt and took my name down so it could kick it again. I’ve been pretty much unable to do anything more than lay on the couch staring blankly at the tv for the last week since I’ve been home because I’ve been so exhausted (and coughing if I even think about moving). I had already been to the doctor, so I just kept thinking “okay, just a day or two more and I’ll start feeling better”. No. Not at all. I continued to run a fever between 99-102!

So back to the doctor I went. At first they thought pneumonia, but the final word is that I have acute bronchitis, a deeply rooted sinus infection, and most likely mono (the test is expensive, and the treatment is rest and fluids so they skipped officially diagnosing it because I need sleep and water no matter what). And I’m having asthma attacks because of the bronchitis, which is brought on by the sinus infection and cold or flu or something like that. So basically I’ve had infection festering in me for about a month and just kept keeping on thinking it was just allergies and “i’ll be fine when this weather figures itself out”. Chicago was the last straw. It really pushed me over the edge walking around the city and being in a state of overexcited ziney bliss. So before I was just kind of feeling crappy, this past week I’ve been full on disabled. geesh. I’m on my second round of antibiotics now + an inhaler to help me breath.

It was so funny (and sad) the doctor did this stress test where she had me walk down the hall and back (like maybe 50 feet total), and I got so overwhelmed that I had an attack – I couldn’t breath, I was coughing uncontrollably, and started panicing. It was bad. Funny, but bad. It’s like “Come on! last fall I did a triathlon! Just last week I walked all over chicago!” I guess I just reached some kind of critical mass of infection in my lungs.

The good news is that just after a day of super drugs – we looked them up and it’s some crazy strong crap she put me on – I’m feeling much better. Still totally drained and needing a nap every few hours, but I’m feeling good enough to start whining about being sick again :) So I’m pretty sure that means I’m feeling good enough to do some crafting today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, I just haven’t had the energy to actually do anything. I need to tell you all about Chicago! I need to show you how to make polymer clay toast! I need the embroider the cute new crewel embroidery designs I’ve been dreaming up!

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and let you know why there’s been a lack of new posts. I’ll be right as rain soon enough I’m sure and there will be much crafting commencing. Let me tell you, laying around doing nothing leaves a lot of time to imagine all the things you would love to be doing instead of nothing.

Happy Crafting!

6 thoughts on “Sick as a dog.

  1. Aww… :( Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so bad, Kristin. Now, don’t botter too much about blogging. We want you to be in HEALTH. This is what matters, in this moment.
    I can’t wait to hear about the Chicago zine fair, but I can wait. :)
    Much virtual & purell soaked hugs to you. :-D xoxo!

    1. Thanks Fanie! Finally on the upswing, whew. That was a doozy of a sick spell. I haven’t been taken out for that long in a long time. Almost 3 weeks!

  2. Brohchitis is nasty!!! Feel better soon and pace yourself even when you think you’re better.

    1. I’m having big issues with that! I keep thinking I’m doing great and then all of a sudden I completely expire and fall asleep on the couch for the rest of the day. Ha. I’m revising my overly active schedule for the next two weeks. We’ll see how that goes! It looks good on paper :)

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