MAL Quicky 2.3: Finished Circle Skirt!

One of the things i love most about the MAL quicky is that it doesn’t give me enough time to procrastinate, though there was some putting off until tomorrow happening because of the zine coming out last week, and then I finished it about 2am on Monday/Tuesday, took pictures Tuesday afternoon, and then literally forgot to finish my post yesterday. It wasn’t the brilliant timing I had planned on, but look here, second handmade clothing item finished!


At first I was a little intimidated by The Fickle Sense Circle Skirts pattern because the last time I tried to make a circle skirt in a similar way it was a huge failure and I threw the whole thing in the scrap bin. Well, this time the math worked out no problem. The instructions for developing the pattern pieces are really well written and illustrated. The pattern pieces came together really quickly, in fact, I had the skirt mostly made in just one hour. It actually fits, so I’m saving my pattern pieces. It will be a great template to make many more circle skirts. I’d like to try the 3/4 and 1/2  versions too.

But my brain took a rain check when it came to adding a liner. I still don’t know what I was thinking when I added it in. I’m pretty sure there was a method to my maddness, but looking back I’m not sure how exactly I thought it was going to work out. And then I got frustrated and went to rip out the waist to try again and, well, ripped the liner fabric in half. Woops. Somehow my brain was wrapped the wrong way around the zipper.

Anyway, so I said to hell with it all and removed the liner completely, I’ll wear a freaking slip. Or leggings.

I quickly moved on to the pockets which I stitched in by hand (I like the way the prick stitch looks). It was good to unwind with some good ol’ fashioned tv watching, then finished it up with the lace hem tape around the bottom.

Because of all my liner issues I opted to just forego the piping at the waist seam and “get ‘er done” because I started to really be concerned this cute skirt would end up in the forever “wip” pile that my last circle skirt retired to.


I’m glad I did too because even though I was up sewing until 2am after a super long day of work, I love it! I love the pockets and the little splash of blue in the hemline. And the pockets (I know I’m getting hung up on those) are just at the right place so I can shove my hands in them and still have room to hide away a cell phone, wallet and maybe even my knitting. Okay, so maybe they aren’t big enough for my knitting, but they are nice and roomy.


If you want to see more photos of me running around in the yard, flip through the slideshow at the top of the post.

I hope you enjoyed my quick dash to make a project. Thanks again for helping me pick out which pattern to make. I’m not sure about you, but these Quicky Make-a-longs have been super helpful in getting me to make a project someone else has designed. For me, it’s great continuing education seeing how other’s write their patterns and it is really busting up my stash – this skirt used up like 3+ yards of fabric!

Happy Crafting!

Kristin Roach