Stash Busting for Your Mother + A Great Deal!


Mother Nature that is! After working  with my Craft Leftovers for the last 4 years, I have found that stash busting is a two part process.

Part 1: Use your stash/leftovers BEFORE going to the store.

Part 2: Buy only what you need. Or even more simply put: Buy less!

What do you do when people don’t know you are trying to work on this two part plan and they give you things that aren’t part of your master plan? Well, you could toss them, recycle them, donate them. But even better, just use them too!


A few months ago Diane helped me put together a great ebook all about using up those leftovers related to receiving gifts. Wrapping paper, greeting cards, and curling ribbon are all taken on. Learn how to make cards into paper, wrapping paper into collaged, hand designed fabric, and curling ribbon into festive baskets! It’s such a fun book and it seems so perfect for earth day. Mainly because these are some of the things that most readily find their way into the recycling bin or landfill.

Diane and I have decided to team up and give all of you a super awesome deal on Card. Paper. Ribbon and she’s even offered up her own ebook project–weaving magazine page jewelry! It’s such a fun project!


From now through Sunday, April 25th, you can get $3.00 off this bad-boy by typing EARTHDAY in the coupon code field at check out in the CraftyPod Shop.

Happy Earth Day! Let’s keep this lady nice and green!