Guest Post: Fabric Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Today’s project is brought to you by the creative force behind Poppy Chic Designs, Taryn Sisco. Make sure to check out her super fun items in her etsy shop and on her blog.


My first tutorial is here!  These cute little bracelets are super sweet and fun to make too.  Whenever I wear one people always ask where I got it… well now you know!

Some scrap fabric, 2”x18”
Metal bangle (thin)
A little sparkly button with a shank
Hot glue gun or fabric glue


Step 1: To start wrapping your bangle, leave about 2 inches as your starter.  Then neatly wrap the fabric around the bangle.

FW-03-Step1a FW-04-Step1bFW-05-Step1cFW-06-Step1d

Step 2: Keep wrapping the bangle, giving a little “tug” every once in a while to tighten the wrap.


Step 3: Tie the remaining fabric in a secure double knot and even up the edges.


Step 4: Use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to put a drop of glue into the crevice of the knot (this is where the shank of the button will push into).


Step 5: Add your sparkly button and hold it in place for a few seconds… and YOU’RE DONE!


Tips: Play around with different fabrics.  You can make them a bit longer (2”x26”) to tie a bow at the end too.  Be creative, it’s a sweet thing!


Author’s Bio: While working as a showgirl for Carnival Cruise Lines in the 1990s, Poppy Chic Designs creator Taryn Sisco would also help out as a seamstress for the costumes and accessories.  A decade later the former showgirl turned crafty mom decided to take her love of accessories to the next level and focused on starting her own line of girly goodies.  Always inspired by vintage style pin-up girls, and the fabulous styles of the 1920s through 1950s, Taryn created Poppy Chic Designs!  A line of boutique style flower hair accessories and unique jewelry with a retro flair designed for moms, teens, and little girly girls.  From sweet layered flower hair clips to big bold fabric corsages, tiny blossoming flower earrings to fabulous vintage bloom cocktail rings, each piece is handcrafted using a mix of amazing new and vintage fabrics, lace, tulle, rhinestones, pearls and of course love!


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Fabric Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

  1. How adorable are these little bracelets! What a great way to use little scraps of leftover material or stash bust!
    Thanks Taryn!

  2. I just found this on one pretty thing. I was thinking about making our old shower rings into bracelets for my daughter, thanks for finishing the thought.

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