Studio clean out

It always gets worse before it gets better.

I’ve been listening to this book called Decluttering at the Speed of Life and have been… well decluttering. Big time.

Talking 3 pickup truck loads to the goodwill from the kitchen, master bedroom, spare bedroom, and living room.

It’s not been a very creative period but I feel like it’s a big step towards making space for creativity.

The author warns against jumping into the hard areas and instead advocates the easy stuff. Like the kitchen. And even more basic, start with the easy stuff like trash and things that belong elsewhere — like out of your kitchen or out of your life even.

After doing this for about 3 months now — and I still have a long way to go with the above locales in my home — today I took my first dip into my studio.

I was down here painting about a month ago and it didn’t seem that bad. But I think even since then my clutter vision has changed. And I added one more thing. A tilt drawing table — something I’ve always wanted and it was free and it’s sturdy and I couldn’t say no. But now I’m faced with how to make it fit. And. Well. I can’t.

Something has to go.

Here is where all my decluttering comes into play. So back to step one. The easy stuff. Trash. Then things that don’t belong.

And maybe not the first step, but a needed step, removing fixtures that don’t need to be in here.

It’s just too much stuff. Not even the little clutter tucked all over the place. It’s the furniture. To keep, to move to another room, to donate.

Maybe I’ll just go back to the easy stuff and start with taking out the trash and doing my dishes.

Until next time,

Kristin M Roach