Taking A few days Off… to pull all nighters.

I don’t normally like to do this, but it’s been a very strange week and I need all the extra time I can get to get the November issue out the door as promised. I’m going to take today and tomorrow off posting, but I’ll be back on Friday with a book review – you will love this book.

I have some good and bad news. The good news is that the copier works, the bad news is that it doesn’t want to acknowledge that the finisher is there and working – which isn’t a huge deal, just a little bit of a pain for catching paper. Not so bad. Right now, it’s perfect for most my printing needs. The repair guy was super nice and didn’t charge us anything because he couldn’t fix it. He said he might even come back to play with it because it’s such an odd problem – in 20 years of servicing copy machines he’s never had it happen. I like that he’s curious about it.

And I have some other great things that have been going on behind the scene that I can’t tell you about yet – just wait another week and I’ll be able to announce it officially on the 1st. All this “behind the scenes” action has put a cramp into my “getting stuff finished” routine I should be going through this week for the zine. Time to catch up!

If you are in the mood for something crafty, go check out this article I wrote on Charity Knitting, there is a free pattern for a itty bitty baby hat included too!

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