The Sketchbook Project + a Coupon Code

Last year I signed up for the Sketchbook Project – and only started three drawings, and didn’t finish a single one. I felt like an epic failure. Me, I draw all the time (or so I thought), not able to finish filling out my sketchbook. I fill a sketchbook no problem like every 2 months just by doodling and writing random things. What happened?

1. Intimidation – yeah, I got scared.

The idea of putting my sketchbook into the line up with amateurs and greats alike scared the heck out of me. Would anyone think it’s worth looking at? Would anyone seek it out? Was what I had to say with my visual language worthwhile?

2. Too Personal – I picked the theme “nightmares”.

Which was good for me because I have loads of them. Heck, between the ones I can remember and the ones I have on just about a nightly basis, I should have had no problem filling that little book – or so I thought. But it turns out having enough subject matter wasn’t the issue, dipping into the imagery kind of scared the crap out of myself. While all drawings tend to have a personal autobiographical nature, the idea of exposing all that twisted sludge in my head turned out to be a valley I really didn’t want to hike into. I’ve long thought about illustrating my nightmares. But, sadly, no. I was not ready for that challenge.

Honestly I think those were the two big things that held me back. The personal thing more than the intimidation one now that I write it out.

I love the idea of archiving my drawing in the Brooklyn Art Library. I love the idea of collecting up sketchbooks from around the world, what an asset to historians of the future (having studied art history enthusiastically myself, I know how important this kind of thing can be). So yeah, I want to toss my hat into that ring.

So, knowing that, when I received an email about signing up for the 2012 Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Vol. 1 today, I opted to jump into it and try again. But this time picking the theme “How to Spell and Other Things to Learn”. In a spark, 20 pages of drawings and collages ideas came to mind, a very good sign.

When I signed up they sent me a coupon code to share with my buddies, which I consider all of you. My crafty blog buddies. I know some of you must be like me and enjoy drawing too. Or collage Or painting Or fabric art. You get the idea.

Use the coupon code: ADDAFRIEND to receive $2 off. It costs $25 to participate.

I hope you’ll join me in filling a sketchbook for the project which in turn helps to fill the sketchbook archive.

Happy Sketching!

Kristin Roach

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  1. I just got mine in the mail actually. I did the theme “It’ll be fun I swear” last year. I had a hard time filling my book, but was glad to see this book is much smaller. 

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