MAL Quicky: Hurricane Hat Finished!

Hurricane Hat Finished!

The Hurricane Hat is finished! On and off the needles in just 5 days!

This week I tried something completely new, and a little random, and quite a bit off-the-cuff: the first ever Craft Leftovers Make-A-Long quicky! Why did I opt for a fast paced make-a-long? Well, I have a lot of super involved projects already on the needles and I really wanted a new hat to keep my head warm and match the November Craft Leftovers Monthly Zine Scarf.

So the CL MAL Quicky was born. I’m super happy with the response I’ve gotten and will definitely do another one next month. Maybe you all aren’t clambering for flickr group membership, but I have gotten quite a few tweets, likes, and comments saying you like the concept of it and want to do one in the future (just maybe not the week leading up to christmas week)(maybe with a little more notice).

Hurricane hat wip

Personally, it really kicked my needles into gear to get this hat finished. I wonder if I would have gotten past the cast on this month if there wasn’t that 5 day deadline.


I was surprised that it took only a few hours of knitting to go from yarn ball….

Hurricane Hat Finished!

to sweet finished hat.

Hurricane Hat WIP

And how much I enjoyed a late night knitting session.


Part of the enjoyment could have been the pattern itself. It’s so lovingly easy, yet more than just a basic round and round we go stockinette hat. I really enjoyed her use of the M1 after finishing the rib to get the spiral to be a one row pattern repeat. And how she got rid of that joining in the round gap that seems to always show up.


Now I have about 100+ yards of this lovely dyed-by-me yarn in my “craft leftovers” pile and it’s taunting me to write a pattern for some matching mittens with dashes of orange to make up the rest of the yardage. Hmmmm.

I suppose that’s the third reason I opted for a MAL Quicky, I’m just about out of yarn leftovers, I have just mostly stash yarn left! Which is good, but what am I going to write patterns for y’all with!

I hope you enjoyed knitting this project with me as I have. It’s been fun connecting via twitter and facebook through our joint making efforts!

Happy Knitting!
Kristin Roach

to see the rest of the MAL Quicky series, visit: December MAL Quicky Part 1 and Part 2.

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  1. Done and done, final pic posted in the Flickr group. Thanks for the knitting inspiration, now I can cross one more person off my gift giving list!

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