The Weekend Before Christmas…

…and all through the house, there were piles of craft supplies and disenchanted sighs… ‘oh why, oh why did I not start these projects in July!?’

Here are some of my Favorite Craft Leftovers Patterns that can all be made up in a snap and would be great gifts to your friends and family.

DSC_0020 Love Bug Clutch (original post) (download pdf)

Stitch Clutch Stitch Clutch (original post) (download pdf)

DSC_0031 Lainie’s Tote (original post) (download pdf)

DSC_0348 Dogzilla (original post) (download pdf)

temari ball bag Temari Ball Bag (original post) (pdf download)

Recycled Peace Ornaments (original post) (download pdf)

Pain in the Neck Lavender Pillow (original post) (download pdf)

shopnride Shop N’ Ride (original post)

molly-2 Heatable Catnip Pillow (original post)

wallet1 Vinyl Wallet (original post) (pattern jpg)

crochet_face_cloth04 Scruby Bumpy Crocheted Face Cloth (original post) (download pdf)
DSC_0020 Aceraceae Cowl (original post) (download pattern pdf)

oopsandtoofs04 Oopsies (original post) (download pdf)

crochet winter head wrap Crochet Winter Headwrap (original post) (download pdf)

Fingerless Mittens Fingerless Mitten Duo (original post) (download pdf)

sunteaspot Sun Tea Spot (original post) (pattern jpg)

perfectdishcloth-crochet The Perfect Crochet Dishcloth (original post) (download pdf)

crocheth2oslinger-01 Crochet H2O Slinger (original post) (pattern jpg)

springycrochetheadwrap Springy Head Wrap (original post) (pattern jpg)

giftbox-all Boxing up Giving (original post) (download pdf)
DSC_0368 Drawing All the Time (original post) (download pdf)

writebike18 Write Bike (original post) (download pdf)

pin+canny4 Pin Tin Canny (original post) (pattern jpg)

stamp Block Cut Stamp (original post) (pattern jpg)

pinnystitchmarkers Pinny Stitch Markers (original post) (pattern jpg)

magnetfantastic Magnet Fantastic (original post) (download pdf)

buttonupnecklace Button on up Necklace (original post) (download pdf)

Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth (original post) (download pdf)

oopsandtoofs03 Toofsies (original post) (download pdf)

teacozy03 Knit Tea Cozy (original post) (pdf download)

Fall Knit Head Wrap (original post) (download pdf)

pdcknit2 The Perfect Knit Dishcloth (original post) (download pdf)

Oh my friend was knitting up this pattern and there is a small error: Row 4 should be purl 3’s not knit 3’s. And just a tip: Always keep the yarn held to the wrong side of the work when slipping stitches.

waterbottle4 Knit Water Bottle Sling (original post)

I’m officially going to take next week off and unofficially may or may not post some christmas craft things I have made once given to who they are going to. So Keep busy with friends, family, and craft project! Merry Christmas a littler early! See you all next monday!
Happy Crafting!

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  1. I love this post, and I’m sure a few of us (myself included) are all think that same exact thing. Hope you have a very happy holiday!

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