They are on their way! Hooray!

I’m so happy and relieved to let you know that:
1) my power is back on, it was only out for a few hours, but it was just long enough to make me miss the post office.
2) I totally messed up the layout and had to reprint and cut and staple the zine (my own fault there).
3) I finally got everything together and no more hitches (except a few hot glue burns) and, woo hoo, it’s on it’s way!

If you are in the US you should your October Craft Leftovers Monthly on Saturday or Monday and if you are international, by the end of next week. (I hope)

Thank you so much for be patient with me and for ordering and all of the nice comments you left this weekend while I was going through neck junk. It’s doing pretty good, but I’m still taking it easy on it (less hunched over working).

Have a good week everyone! See you all on Saturday!

3 thoughts on “They are on their way! Hooray!

  1. I’ll be stalking the postman on Monday if he doesn’t drop it off on Saturday. Excited!!

  2. Hurrah! They’re on their way! Boo to the British Post Office who are on strike from today…I’ll maybe get it in a couple of weeks…

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