Ode to Phyllis

I have all of my grandma’s knitting needles, and let me tell you, for a woman who said “oh I don’t really knit” she had a ton. I guess I’m just like her. I don’t tat, but I have 3 shuttles! I don’t really silk screen, but have a print gocco, photo emulsion, screens, filler, and like 5 things of silk screen inks. Geeze. I knit all the time, but honestly, I can’t use aluminum needles because they make my hands cramp up. I really want to use them for something more than just a bouquet of needles on my craft table that they are right now, something to remember her by. My friend mentioned using my needles as handles for a tote, I took it just a little further and bent them into a handle shape and volia and presto chango! Knitting needles into perfect handles from my grandma’s perfect stash!

Download the pattern here (pdf).

My mom is in town this weekend and she was reading in my comfy chair while I was putting the finishing touches on the tote inspired by my grandma’s comprehensive stash. She came out to the kitchen and said, “You know, falling asleep in the chair over there reminded me of all the times I fell asleep listening to the sound of your grandma sewing.” That just makes me so happy to hear. I feel really connected to her even now, as if she’s up there guiding my stitches.

Okay, so, coming up this next weekend is the Handmade Market! It’s at the Empty Bottle from noon to 4:30 in Chicago. It should be a whole lot of fun and there are sure to be a lot of great people there, including myself and my friend Joanna.

Along the same line, I realize that this week is going to be nuts with last minute preparations and what not, so there will not be a pattern on the 13th. I’ll post some pictures from the market and what not following monday.

If you are by any means in the area, come check it out, I would love to meet you!

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Ode to Phyllis

  1. You made me think about my grandma, aunt..and mom. Sewing, cross stitching, knitting and croche make our bond be so strong. It keep memories of my grandma alive and my umbilical cord attached to my mom! Mom is my hot line even from 10.000 miles away!

  2. I also have my grandmother’s knitting needles. I don’t know what happened to her stash but I have a zillion of her double pointed needles that I can’t wait to bend to use as handles in a knitting related project. Thanks for the inspiration!

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