Think Spring

Oh it is so cold out and I really wanted something to help me think spring. I grabbed some of my spring time colored yarn and had a go at it. I figured a little shoulder bag would be the perfect thing, then I could take it with me wherever I go.
Now something that I discovered after the fact is that the bag is kind of floppy, even with the extra supported sides and on top of that, as all knitted and crocheted bags have a tendency to do, my knitting needles/pens/pencils/fork and what have you inevitably slip through the holes. My suggestion is that this would be great with a sturdy liner. I am going to put one in and I will post a “how-to” for that when I get it done and post some pictures. You could also use a smaller hook too, that would help it be a bit thicker.

Okay so, I have some exciting news! In celebration of the upcoming one year anniversary of Craft Leftovers (this summer) I’m going to publish a collection of patterns from this past year, along with tips, hints, ideas, and bonus projects. I need your help though, I honestly lack the funds to make this project come to life. So I wanted to let you know in more detail what the CL kits are all about and how they can help this book happen.
+++ Every kit is priced at the cost of supplies, s&h, and 50 cents.
+++ The 50 cents will go into a fund for the book and help cover production and publishing costs of the books.

+++I’m also setting up a donate button in the side bar to help cover costs of the book and will also to help support the site in general, like packaging for the kits and postage and hopefully some contests and whatnots. If you would like to donate, you can just click the button and follow the instructions. Anything you decide to give is deeply appreciated.

And with all of that I’m going to put together some more kits and add them to the etsy shop.

Have a good week! I will see you next Friday!

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