Zip It!

I recycle a whole lot of cloths into other things, but was kind of lacking as to what to do with the left over zippers. I really just don’t use that many. So I came up with this little solution. The whole bag takes maybe a half hour to an hour to make and it looks oh so cute!

Also, there won’t be any new kits today because I’m out of town and setting up for group show opening tonight at the Leger Gallery in Davenport. It’s on 3rd Street and there will be free wine and food. There is a $2 cover charge which goes towards needy artists in the area, which is a really good cause. The opening is from 7-9pm. Maybe I will see you there. Have a good week!

edited in: here’s pictures of the clutch that I made, have a good week.

4 thoughts on “Zip It!

  1. You are such a flippin’ genius, Kristin! This is a great idea – I’ll quit tossing the zippers when I chop up garments for their fabric. Thanks for another fab craft idea!

  2. that’s a great use of zippers! and such a cute fabric selection too…
    i love zippers, one of my favourite reuses is to use them for zippered pockets in shoulder bags. i try to wing it so i don’t even have to unpick and restitch it (didn’t check the pattern closely, you probably did that!)

  3. Thank you! That’s such a good idea for pockets. I cut out all the pockets when I reclaim clothing for their fabric and such, and have been trying to figure out what to do with them all. What fun!

    Actually, the whole pattern is pretty much just cutting around the zipper so you can just sew it right sides together and “wamo!” a clutch is born! The liner is optional, but they they always give things a nice finished look.

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