Alright, I’ve been looking at things and in the future and past that this week is over and still no shop update (mostly due to spending all of my time trying to get through 10 loads of laundry, I am such a filth). Okay so here is the plan. I am going to make Mondays my store update day. It makes sense for a couple of reasons. Mainly that I can get kits together for the pattern that would have just been published and I won’t be competing between writing a pattern and making things.

And here is a little preview of the Reclaimed Craft Leftovers I was rambling about. The first of which will be in the shop on Monday.

I’m really looking forward to this week’s pattern that will be going up tomorrow morning and I’m going to put together some kits to go along with it.

I’ve also kind of solved my dilemma about running out of leftovers. So I realized what was eating up all of my leftovers was using them for kits and doing the sampler (due to go out the end of this month or beginning of july), so I’ve decided that all of the patterns I write will be made from leftovers and for leftovers, but the kits and items I make for the shop will be made from a mix of on hand and bought materials. A lot of the fabrics will still be leftovers, but the yarn is my main issue. I’m just running out. Gasp! Horror of horrors! Tell me what you think, good idea? bad idea?

Also with all this posting going on I’m getting over stimulated. I kind of gorged myself the first couple of days, but I will find a happy medium. Some days there will be more posts, some days less. We will see how it goes. A balance and a consistent theme will hopefully be achieved!

Have a good Friday! See you in the morning!