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Summer Knit Head Wrap

Here she be, sorry for the wait!

And if you turn it wrong side out it looks pretty good too:

I’ve been trying think of things to knit during the summer while laying out next to the pool. This seemed like a good thing to do. Plus, I have a crocheted one, but what if some of you don’t crochet? It knits up in about 4 hours, less if you are super fast, and only takes up about a 2 oz ball of yarn. Plus you can use your cutest buttons for it. Oh and because of all the yo’s you can adjust the size pretty easy.

I’ve made about 5 to get the pattern A okay, but wouldn’t you know I neglected to leave on in tack! Sometimes my lack of foresite amazes me!

Download the pdf here: Summer Knit Head Wrap (pdf) Talk to you soon, have a good day!

3 thoughts on “Summer Knit Head Wrap

  1. That one is cute too! I’m looking for something like this for a project I want to work on for someone I know…thanks!!

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