What the! Where did the Archive Go!?

Geesh. Okay, so thank goodness someone was finally like “free pattern archive, what the heck is she talking about?” Not an exact quote, but that’s what I would have been thinking.

So the last time I updated the archive I succeeded in setting every single page of patterns in the archive to private. I never had a problem seeing them because I was logged in, so it never occurred to me that no one else could see anything….

Now I know why there have been less downloads lately. Ha!

Okay so, haha, sorry about that. Let’s try that again! You can get a load of free patterns for download in the archive here. (by load I mean about 40+ patterns for a variety of knit, crochet, sewing, misc craft projects).

Thanks so much for letting me know!

Best wishes,


ps – thank you for bearing bad news, haha. I succeeded this time in messing up the link. Haha. Oh geesh. I do need this rest, I’m getting flaky!

2 thoughts on “What the! Where did the Archive Go!?

  1. Whoops! That’s okay, I accidentally deleted my work project site from my statistics tracking account and lost over 2 months of stats. Non-recoverable too.

    The page worked for me, maybe you’ve fixed it already. Thanks for the patterns!

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