Winner of the Button it Up mail in contest!

And the winner of the Button it up Mail in contest (by completely random selection by Jason) is Brendalea of Prpldy! Check out her Etsy shop here and her blog here. In response to the question of what she likes to with buttons she wrote: “I love to make jewelry with vintage buttons.” So this book is just perfect for her! And I’ll be sending her a buttonlishous craft kit and some extra cute vintage buttons tomorrow! What fun!

I’m going to take some pictures of some of the postcards/envelopes that came in as well as write up some of the great button themed stories. I’ll post it all tomorrow some time as well as some other tasty treats (maybe that skirt finally :P).

See you soon!
Happy Crafting!
++Kristin Roach++

2 thoughts on “Winner of the Button it Up mail in contest!

  1. Yay buttony winner! I’m loving all the button related goodness that’s been popping up on the net lately. Did you see Lee Meredith’s “Buttony Chevron” and other assorted goodness on her blog?

  2. I am so tickled that I won! Thank so very much! I so look forward to receiving the goodies and will put them to good use.


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