WIP Thursday :: Showing and Telling

DSC_0020 DSC_0014 Well, I’ve had quite a huge pile of wips building up over the last 6 months and I decided to go through my yarn ones today and try to figure out my plan of attack – getting them finished up and out of the basket so I can start wearing them around.

It’s funny that I said on Tuesday that a lot of my projects I couldn’t show you because after taking a seriously look I realize I have a ton just in the “yarn” genre, haha. The truth is what I’m Currently working on I can’t show you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show you what I was working on before I dropped everything to work on the “current” projects. Soon to be finished I can’t wait to get started back on my mission of using up stash and finishing my wips!




These two scarves just need their ends woven in and some fringe added to the top one – which makes me think I should do a little tutorial on an easy way to make fringe for your scarves. And then block them after that and they will be all set.




I started these socks in… oh… February. It took me forever to get the first 4 inches done on the first one, then I blazed through to where I am now in like 2 weeks, then put them up for a bit because of working on a top secret project that I can’t tell you about until the winter – but that is worth it and I’ll be shipping it out of here next week and I am happy for that. I want to get on with other yarnie projects :) These will be high on the list to finish because they are sooooooo warm and yummy and I want them all set for the fall. They are made from ultra fine alpaca, yum yum yum. This is my take everywhere/when I get sick of what I should be working on/when i get stuck on what I’m working on project too, so it should finish up quickly once I get going on it again next week.



I went on a Market Bag making craze a few months ago when I wrote up a pattern – yet to be edited and released to the general public (does anyone want to test crochet it? I’m sure it has some awesome mind blowing errors, haha). Anyway, after crochet 3 of them, this one got a little stuck on the hook. I’ll be picking it back up and finishing it soon though. It’s a great pattern because instead of expanding down, it expands out – really great for holding veggies and books and lettuce and yarn! I’m using up some stash yarn and really should have because I need a little more to finish this project:




The Compost Critters from the January issue of clm – you can get a copy here. I really love these guys, so much so I want a pair for myself. I just need to finish the second one and all be all set. Another one of those patterns that I want to finish so I’ll be prepared for winter.




This is another one where I made it as a pattern and then wanted one for myself. It was the Blue Filegree Hat in the Winter/Spring issue of Knit Scene. This is the first one I made that was sent off to the magazine:





Another clm pattern I wanted for myself in the end. It has cables on both sides and is knit with the Green Prairie Fibers dk weight merino. I love the way this yarn is knittng up and can’t wait to get this finished for myself. Oh it was in the April issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly.


This scarf has been a labor of love – it’s a 27 row lace chart worked in mohair – yikes! It’s super soft and blocks out beautifully. I’m hoping to have it done for a Christmas present to someone who doesn’t know it’s them yet. It is about 1000 yards of yarn though and will be a beautiful stole. Once finished and pictures taken, I’m going to sell the pattern as a kit in the Green Prairie Fibers shop. It’s been on hold for quite awhile, but I’m going to start work on it again this month once I clear out a few of the above patterns that will be quick finishes.


This is a little something something for me. I needed something completely different to work on from time to time when I was feeling mad with working on the same project. I work on it on breaks and before bed. It’s the short and sweet shrug from the Happy Hooker. I’m going to make a it a little longer than the pattern calls for and wear it with tank tops and jeans. It only takes 3 skeins of cotton fleece and I just happened to have these three skeins in my stash from forever ago. Perfect!

And now for some handspun. I took a spinning class last fall and Rosemary let me hold on to the wheel to continue spinning until she taught the next class. Here are some of my spinning attempts:



That purple is actually some roving I dyed up myself. I really like the way it turned out.


I dyed the yarn on the right with walnuts. I love that pale tan. I’m not sure what I’m going to knit with this, but I think I place these two yarns together.

And for random measure, here is a temari ball I’m working on as a christmas present to myself for our tree:


So, plan of attack. I’m going to finish all the things that just need finishing first – like weaving in ends and blocking. Then I’m going to start work next on all the things that are over half way finished – the compost critters, the lacy waves socks, and the market bag. Then on to my ideal of having two projects to work on – one that’s a no brainer (short and sweet and then the cabled scarf) and something that’s high concentration – winter midnight lace scarf.

I’m happy to report too that the last yarn I bought was for those socks up there – except in san francisco I did buy two skeins of bulky brushed cotton, forgot about that. Okay so I’ve only bought two skeins of yarn in the last 7 months. I’ve been steadily finishing what was on my needles and hooks pre 2009 and working almost exclusively from my stash. And I have to say it feels awesome. I was actually able to consolidate the other day and now all my craft leftover yarn (all my stray bits) + yarn for kits fits into one bin. All my stash yarn fits in another bin. Then I have one other rubbermaid for yarn for kits. This is a huge improvement for me.

I think I’m going to make Thursday my check in day and whatever else I post about I will also post about my stash busting/project finishing progress. It will be good for me I think. It will help me to finish what I’ve started :)

And speaking of kit yarn, that reminds me. I have a whole ton of new kits made up to add to the shop and they will be going in over the weekend and to kick off new stock I’m going to have a big sale to try to destash some older kits. The sale will be from Monday morning to Saturday, August 1st. I’ll be adding new things each day, but everything that will be marked down, will be marked down by Monday.

Okay, and with that I’m heading out. I need to eat some food… lunch? I don’t know, breakfast was at like noon so I guess it’s lunch time now. Ha!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Phew, that’s a lot of wips! And I thought I had a lot of projects waiting in the wings. Mine are all in storage right now, we just moved and I’m still unpacking and decorating the new place. I’d like to test the market bag pattern, if you’re still looking for testers. I need a project to take a break from unpacking!

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