Toothpick Pocket Tutorial

I was going to show you a bunch of wips today, but then I realized most of them are still under wraps or thing already for later posts. So when Carolyn emailed me a link to this tutorial over on Snippets I knew it was just the thing to post today. It sure did bring a smile to my face all the funny and absurd ways they took the idea of a pocket for a toothpick.

They write about the Toothpick Pocket on Snippets:

“We created the toothpick pocket, because we were fed up with being out in the field, with a morsel of food between two teeth and no means of abatement.

Of course you could carry a toothpick case, but we wanted to wear our preparedness on our sleeve… literally.

Here are a bunch of ideas that we experimented with. You can see that we had way too much fun with this project.”

See all of their fun pocket ideas and how to make your own pockets here.