Happy Valentine’s Day! Scrap Nesting Hearts

My local friend Tina (aka Kaotic Krafter) brought these great nesting hearts to this month’s Ames C.art meet up. When she first pulled them out and was like “look what I made”, I was all “ohh, that’s nice”. I had no clue what it was and was trying to be as polite as possible that I thought it looked like a pile of scraps in netting.

Then she explained, “It’s a nesting ball! As in for bird nests!” The light bulb went on and I immediately saw it’s beauty and brilliance. Ha! I felt like a double jack *ss. Especially because I had wrote about leaving scraps for birds in a little article about using up fabric bits for the Craft Leftovers Zine. I swear, I should remember these things.

Anyway, this was perfect timing because after that quilted pot holder tutorial my little scrap bin was getting too full and spring is oh so close to being here. I’ve decided to whip up a bunch with the crochet version – dealing two blows to the scrap pile! My kind of project. I’ll update the post with pics of my project when it’s done. She was nice enough to gift me the one you see here.

A whole bunch of these little guys are going in the ArtVend later this week.

You can learn how to make your own Nesting Ball using a potato sack OR crocheted netting over on Kaotic Krafter’s blog.

Thanks Tina for turning the light bulb on!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Not a problem, glad I could help inspire (or remind) you! Thanks for posting about them, your photos are way better than mine :)

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