MAL Quicky 2.0: Sewing Skirts Next Week!

After the last (and first) Make-a-long Quicky challenge, many readers said they would have loved to participate if only they had known it was happening. So this time around I’m giving you a full week’s notice and a full week to vote on which pattern to make. And this MAL Quicky focus is going to be sewing skirts! So just to recap what a MAL Quicky is: One week. One skirt. One pile of leftovers used up. I’m making something, make it with me. Join in or sit back and live vicariously though my craft leftovers adventure.

MAL Quicky 2.0

I’m announcing it this week, weigh in on what you’d like this MAL Quicky pattern to be, whatever gets the most votes is what we’ll make together, and you can vote by leaving a comment, tweeting @craftleftovers, or posting it on the Craft Leftovers facebook page. I’ll announce the winner and we’ll start sewing on Monday (1 week from today) and we will post all our finished project photos on Friday. You have until Friday midnight to post your pic in the flickr group to be entered to win a copy of the Craft Leftovers zine (due out this Friday). I’ll add the winner announcement to the Friday post so check back on Saturday for that announcement. capisce?

The skirts!

I was looking around and thinking, what do I wish I had that I don’t. A new skirt! I’ve had this idea for a skirt in my mind for quite some time now. A skirt that I’ll want to make over and over again to suit my every whim. A skirt that makes me look super cute but is also casual. A skirt that has huge pockets! A skirt that can be made on a whim to suit my every whim.

Okay, you get the idea. Basic things I took into consideration:

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Pockets (or can add pockets)
  • Cute, but casual – not to fancy and not movement restricting. Can wear with heels as well as running shoes.

Option 1: Fickle Sense Circle Skirt on Burda Style (check out the Fickle Sense Blog too) – love how versatile this pattern is and that it will be made to my size.

Option 2: Amy Karol’s *5 Minute Skirt over on Angry Chicken – it’s fast, it’s cute, and trying something on the serger could be fun since it’s been awhile since I’ve dusted it off.

Option 3: Ruffles and Stuff’s Jersey Skirt (with pockets!) – it’s fast, cute, and has huge pockets! And it might help me to finally use up the last of that pale blue jersey knit fabric.

Okay, so that’s all for today. Leave a comment, reply on twitter, or post your vote to the facebook page.

Happy Crafting!


2 thoughts on “MAL Quicky 2.0: Sewing Skirts Next Week!

  1. Oh, I like this idea. I finally found a pair of tall boots that look good under my jeans, but look even better with a skirt. I have already made 2! Let’s see. I like option 3 best. I love the look of Amy’s 5 minute skirt, but I don’t have all the cool what-nots (the FOE) to make that a true 5 minute skirt. Or a serger. Or the desire to figure out the bias. Anyway, I vote for option 3. 
    Just finished your book and I loved it! I need to bring it back to the library soon :( We have a $5 coupon for BAM, so I am thinking we might need to make a trip there this week…

  2. skirt the first indeed. take your pale blue jersey knit fabric and make number one. i even have some pale blue jersey knit fabric that i’ve been dreaming of making into a half-circle; perhaps we make twinsie skirts?

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