Getting my Garden ON!

The weather has been absolutely wonderful lately and I was pretty excited to get out into the community garden this weekend and even this morning.

community garden01

The Student Organic Farm at Iowa State University rents out plots for $25 + 10 hours of volunteer work to students, alumni, and community members. You get a 20’x20′ plot and all the water, compost, and mulch you can dream of.

community garden02

Saturday we mostly stood around fantasizing about how this year will be different. The weeds won’t get the best of me this time! Ha. Well, hopefully not because my friend Aimee is sharing the garden with me. We are dividing and conquering.

This morning we went out with grand ideas of getting all our seeds planted. Instead, I took 1 hour running around and then 2 hours digging paths so we don’t step where the seeds will be.

Wednesday, that will be the day we plant seeds. :)

This morning we had a pleasant surprise–carrots! Check out these little stubby guys:

community garden03

See you all tomorrow with some crafty goodness!