Free Project: Plastic Canvas Wash ‘n’ Go


Taking my lunch to the office has become second nature to me, and part of that is keeping a place setting around the office. It’s just easier than toting it back and forth. But it’s not easier to keep them clean. That is until now!

Check out my awesome plastic canvas box:


That contains…ta-da!

My very own washing kit. I just took a leftover jar and filled it with 1 T. dish soap and topped it off with water.

I rolled up and tucked in a dishcloth, the perfect knit dishcloth worked in two colors of cotton vs wool and cotton.


Now I’m all set!

The really great thing about this box is that I can run it through the dishwasher on the top rack because it’s plastic canvas and cotton yarn.

Here is how you can make your own

2 – Plastic canvas, 30 x 30
3 – Plastic canvas, 16 x 30
2 – Plastic canvas, 6 x 32
2 – Plastic canvas, 6 x 18
1 – Plastic canvas, 18 x 32
20 yards – Cotton yarn, worsted weight
1 yarn needle

Stitch together the lid – Two 6 x 32, 6 x 18, 18 x 32

Stitch together the bottom – Two 30 x 30, Three 16 x 30


I just take my dishes and my little kit to the wash room and wash them right up as needed.

I also use it when Ames has events so we can wash out all our mugs when we finish up. Hot chocolate and tea have become the standing order at all our events.

Have a great weekend and happy washing!

Kristin Roach

8 thoughts on “Free Project: Plastic Canvas Wash ‘n’ Go

  1. I love the idea because it gave me an idea for my teen daughter’s lunch bag. I now want to make small boxes to protect certain foods that I wrap in plastic so they don’t get mashed. She’s become eco friendly as well as Vegan, so I pack her lunch everyday. I use plastic bowls when I can, but when I make bread the box/bowl I purchased is too small. Then there’s the veggie wraps, etc, that there is no rectangle bowl for those.

    Thank you so much for the idea.

  2. You rock! This is an awesome useful use for PC. And the thing about running it through the dishwasher? Made my toes tingle!

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