Macho Tacos with Fresco Verde Macha

My friend Aimee and I always say we should get together some Sunday and cook a big meal. And we really haven’t. Well this weekend all those “shoulds” became reality and we crafted together the most delicious meal: Tacos! But these aren’t just any tacos. These are traditional-heritage-mexican-american-just-like-her-grandma-makes-them-tacos!

She had made them for Jason and I as a thank you about a year ago and Jason’s been asking me to learn how to make them ever sense. It was so fun having Aimee teach me a new dish. Actually dishes! So, this will be a three part recipe series.

First, a classic, not sure what it’s named, but Aimee said she thinks it’s called something Macha and something Verde, so we just started calling it Fresco Verde Macha – approximately fresh green. But I have no idea what macha is or if I’m spelling it right. We laughed and loved it so that’s what it is now.

Second, the most excellent guacamole. Great on just about any spicy dish or even just on its own in a spoon it’s so freaking delicious!

Third, the meat! Pork tacos. An amazing way any ol’ slow cooker can transform a huck of meat into the best taco filling around.

Fresco Verde Macha

This is a great little topper to tacos, but also nachos, burritos, and even awesome in scrambled eggs and on toast. Most versatile spicy yummy condiment.


  • 1-2 jalapeño, seeds removed
  • 1/2 white large onion or one medium
  • 1 bundle of cilantro


The short version: mince the crap out of everything and toss together. Done.

The longer version:

1. Cut the tops off the jalapeño and use a butter knife to pop the seeds out and toss them in the compost.

2. Dice the jalapeño super fine. Use a fork to hold it so you don’t get those juices all over your hands and, inevitably, in your eye.

3. Dice the onion.

4. Dice the cilantro. You dont’ need to go nuts de-stemming, just shop off the bottom of the bundle and call it good. I feed it all to my chickens and get cilantro eggs the next day, it’s kind of weird and tasty at the same time.

5. Mix everything together in a bowl and chill in the fridge. It helps the flavors mingle.

Happy Mincing and Making!
Kristin M Roach

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