Making Horseradish Sauce!

Ah, delicious. Kind of. Horseradish is powerful stuff. It burns through your nose in a flash and then it’s gone. It’s unlike any other “hot”. Last spring I planted a few cuttings of it in a secluded bed that’s hopefully sectioned off enough to keep it from spreading everywhere.

I finally got around to digging it up in mid December and making it into its most simple beautiful form: minced horseradish in vinegar.

First I cleaned up the roots I dug. Peeled, trimmed, and cut off the gnarly parts.

Then I puréed it all down and dumped in a jar. Topped it off with vinegar and called it good.

Did you know horseradish is a natural preservative? Between that in the vinegar, this will stay good in my fridge for just about forever.

What do I put it on? Just about anything that needs some heat: black bean burger, hot dogs, and bacon cheese burgers. And hotdogs. Or on crackers. Or on tomatoes. With salt.

Anyway, I think a blue cheese bacon burger is my favorite. In fact, I think I’ll make that for dinner tomorrow night. Jason will be as pleased as I am. Yum Yum Yum!

Until Next Time!

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