Thanksgiving Leftover Pick-Me-Up

It’s always great going home for thanksgiving. My parents pack up and freeze loads of yummy food for Jason and I, and his parents do the exact same thing. The end result is that our freezer is filled with turkey, packets of stuffing, sweet potatoes, and a bunch of other thanksgiving fixings. Well, what to do with it all. Sure I love just pulling some out of the freezer, heating it up, and enjoying, but once it gets down to the last few packets, it’s kind of like “meh.” So how do you jazz up your Thanksgiving leftovers? Do you have a favorite recipe for your turkey day mash?


{photo from all recipes}

I found a couple great looking lists of recipes for leftovers on a few of my favorite food sites:

::All Recipes has a section of their website devoted to turkey leftover recipes. I’ve been wanting to try a pot pie, and their pot pie at the top of the list looks really tempting. I might just have to try it. I really like this website because you can see what other people have done to alter the recipe, plus reviews so you almost always know before hand when you have a winner.

::Reader’s Digest has a great section for Thanksgiving Leftovers: Make the most of your Thanksgiving leftovers with our creative, quick and easy leftover recipes. They even have an article about which containers work best for storing your leftovers in.

::Serious Eats approaches it in a pretty fun way: “Thanksgivings over, now what? What to do with all those sealed-up scraps in the fridge? Oh, the possibilities.”

::Delish has a nice little round up of 8 recipes. The turkey hash looks scrumptious. I’ll definitely have to give that a try.

::Mark’s Daily Apple – which is a blog I’ve never read before I have to admit – has 3 neat recipes for leftovers. I really like the Cranberry salsa idea. It seems like a good read (the blog that is) and I’ll revisit to read some of his other posts. The blog is all about “empowering people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness”. That sounds pretty good to me, I don’t talk about it much, but I’ve been working hard on becoming fit and healthy – body and mind. So it’s an interesting topic to me.

And I’m off to go down some more apple cider. Have a great thanksgiving and enjoy the time with family and friends!