Thrift Kitchen: Moosewood Restaurant New Classics


More than any other cookbook, I’ve been grabbing for my Moosewood Restaurant New Classics cookbook. It is full of delicious recipes that never disappoint.

So far in the last two weeks of cooking we have tried Biscuits a la Focaccia, Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash, Drunken Beans, and Spicy Broccoli Soba Saute. Every single one got 5 stars from me and Jason.

What’s funny is that none of these dishes survived long enough for me to take pictures of them, haha. I’ll take my camera home next time and snap it before we dig in.

I first learned about Moosewood recipes from my former next door neighbor Su. She used to bring me these delicious bowls of soup and every one was from the Moosewood soup collection. She had been cooking from the first Moosewood book for over 5 years and in all that time had only had one recipe she was “meh” about. That one wasn’t too bad, just wasn’t her taste.

The dishes are filling, nutritious, and completely scrumptious. This book is definitely one of the “keepers” that will stay on my cookbook shelf permanently. I can’t wait to try out more recipes next week.

Do you have a favorite Moosewood recipe? What cookbook do you go to over and over again?

One thought on “Thrift Kitchen: Moosewood Restaurant New Classics

  1. My husband likes the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from this one. I just got a few more from the collection of Moosewood cookbooks this X-mas. I have this one and the Moosewood Celebrates book. I love everything I have tried from both books, and I even made the dog treats in Moosewood Celebrates. Easy and even picky dogs have loved the treats I made!

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