Winter Indoor Garden: A sprout of hope!

This year I’m making a preemptive strike on the winter blues. The seedlings will all be green and wonderful by the time we are a foot under snow. Ha. Take that Iowa winter. We planted these sweet little seeds on Tuesday, and today, sprouts! Just two. And you can barely see them.

See, here:

No, I swear, there are two sprouts. Look closer:

Why hello there my soon to be yummy greens!

It’s such an easy project, it takes up so little room, and the rewards are so great – green things growing in the winter, and significant savings on the weekly grocery budget, we eat a lot of greens.

Once it gets going you just cut what you need for meals with scissors, keep watering, and it will last about 2 months before it gets root bound. At that point, compost the whole thing and start over. If you have space, you can rotate through two trays by planting a new flat of greens every 4 weeks.

Last year I just mixed everything all together, but this year I decided to do salad mix on one side and green leaf lettuce on the other. I think I first wrote about this now annual tradition last February, ah there it is. I seem to always think of gardening this time of year. Like how I devoted half an issue of the zine to starting seeds and indoor winter gardening back in February 2009!

Enjoy and have a good weekend!

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    1. Haha, I had to actually put in a door in the basement to keep them out. Molly would just lay on the tray of greens under the light. I really can’t blame her, it was the best “cat spot” in the house.

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