Carrying Balance

So you all know of my delay by wii fit? Well, I changed plans that day for a regular tote type bag to a Wii Fit carry all. For all your wii fit on the go needs. I had a two fold motivation for making this bag carry all for my newly acquired wii fit. The primary reason was that I needed something to protect it from ferret teeth when it was not in use. They reallllly liked the little cup feet on the bottom of the board as well as all the rubber fittings anywhere else on it. Secondly I was heading on vacation and my friend had a wii and she wanted to try it out, so I wanted to have something to carry it all in along with my mario kart wheel and wiimote. Are you nerded out yet? Haha. So this was the end result of those two needs.

Carrying Balance

You can download the pattern here (pdf).

So there are new kits in the shop, not just new ones that I’ve already been carrying, but new kits that I’ve never offered before! There are two Oopsies and Toofsies kits available and I’ll be adding two more later today.


I also added a few new things to Kro Postal! More Postal Options as well as more Vintage Post. I love these Vintage Post Card Sets I just added, it was so hard to put them up for sale! I also made up these Postal Option Clutches, the great size for sending to a friend!

Oh and in other news, don’t forget to check back on Sunday, the August issue of Craft Leftovers Monthly will be going on sale!

See you all then!


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  1. I’m so downloading that pattern right now – I have to keep my Wii board in its’ box (and the box is on the verge of falling apart) in a closet to keep it away from my ferts.I learned the hard way a few years ago when I stored my DDR mat where they could find it and they burrowed a hole through it…sigh.

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