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Crochet Pattern: Sunny Skies Sun Hat


I love working in my garden in the summer, but after about 10am it becomes blistering hot. This hat is made out of a grass like material called raffia and keeps the sun off your head, ears, and neck. At the same time keeping you cool by letting the breeze through the open stitch work.

Working with Raffia can be challenging unless you know a few simple tricks.  In this pattern I teach you everything you need to make it slide right off the hook.

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::Materials Needed::
Size G hook
1 bundle basketry raffia (approx 4 oz)
1 bucket of water for wetting material
Apron – for keeping your clothing neat and tidy

::Techniques Used::
single crochet
slip stitch
working in the round


This pattern was originally written for a local summer crochet class I taught at the Rose Tree Fiber Shop. We used up all this great raffia that was in the shop since the 70’s. In some ways, it felt like we were using up Rosemary’s stash :)

Happy Crocheting!

Kristin Roach

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