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4th of July: Potluck Round Up!

Usually, the day after a holiday it dawns on me, “Hey, I should post about all those neat projects I’ve come across lately.” Well, not this time. Ha! I got you this time 4th of July! Check out these sweet projects I’m excitedly whipping together for the first 4th of […]

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Crochet Pattern: Sunny Skies Sun Hat

I love working in my garden in the summer, but after about 10am it becomes blistering hot. This hat is made out of a grass like material called raffia and keeps the sun off your head, ears, and neck. At the same time keeping you cool by letting the breeze through the open stitch work.

Working with Raffia can be challenging to work with unless you know a few simple tricks that will make it slide off the hook. In this pattern I keep you right on track.