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Guest Designer :: Free NeedlePoint Leaf Ornament Pattern!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Janet of Napa Needle Point about doing a guest pattern for Craft Leftover! Splended! Of course! And I think the fates are aligning because it was while I was working on 2 needle point embroidery kits and then doing the first sketches of my own needle point ornament! Good timing too because needle point is great for leftover yarn and takes a little longer than other ornments. We all still have plenty of time to make our own needle point leaf ornments! Wonderful! And if you change up the colors, it could be a beautiful snowflake too!

I just wanted to post a quick note about my unscheduled time away from the blog-o. Basically I’ve been a bit flooded with work (all craft related) and I actually forgot what day it was and didn’t realize “Hey, I was supposed to post on cl today” until well past midnight last night! geeze! it’s all good though and hopefully my brain will start getting back on track starting now :)
Enjoy the pattern and I’ll see you tomorrow for a quicky post then back to the regular schedule on Thursday (a nice tute just for you!).
Best wishes and happy crafting!

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