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I’ve been getting into the spirit of Christmas, an early onset for me. Usually it doesn’t strike me the semester’s over. I guess now that I don’t have that end of semester deadline it’s hit with the flush of new holiday magazines, music, and of course crafts! Yep, well before thanksgiving I’ve been making ornaments, dreaming up weaths and cards and handmade gifts. It’s been fun really, more than I thought. I think it started with getting Craft Leftovers Monthly finished up for the Holidays. It had me thinking about it more than usual. 



I was at Borders the other day killing time between two things browsing the art and craft magazines. I saw this great white and red cover, a sheep made out of felted sweater and a card with a snow man button. Yoink! Mine. I looked closer and there it was “Martha Stewart”. Nestled over the “ay” in Holiday. I decided to take a flip through. There were so many amazing projects that I did what I have never done before. I bought a Martha Stewart Holiday magazine! Now I think I have admitted to this, I did subscribe to Everyday Foods, so I do read her publications. And I do check them out from the library. But, I had never bought like the big main deal mag before. Especially for Christmas. I’m usually quite a bit more bah humgish. 


There are so many great projects in here. Tons of ornaments, cards, cookies, treats, goodies, yummy cute and fun!





Do you see those marshmallows! Those are homemade marshmallows!

Best thing is that a lot of these projects and recipes can be made with what’s on hand — Felted sweater, oranges and cloves, cinnamon and apple sauce, yarn bits and card stock! Lovely. 

Strange the day that I would say this is just the thing to get you going with some low cost crafting for the holidays. But that’s what I’m saying here. You should at least thumb through it. If you aren’t normally taken with Martha, this might just be the issue that inspires you.

I went to the library today too and found a treasure trove of back issues. You can’t check out the current month, but you can check out november/december of last year. And my library clumped all their Christmas Crafting magazines together in one section. What a great idea! So if you don’t want to pick up a magazine at the news stands, check out your local library for back issues of holiday’s past.

Best wishes and Happy holiday Crafting!

10 thoughts on “Handmade Martha Holidays

  1. Cute ideas Kirstin! You gotta give it to old Martha, if nothing else, she IS creative!

    Great idea to recommend the library as a source for magazines. No sense having them stacked up in the spare room when you can get what you need and leave them at the library.


  2. Oh, I agree. I picked it up yesterday – I allow myself one new holiday magazine per year and chose this one based on your post.

    The ornaments made from glitter and paper? Talk about genius! And talk about cheap.

    Thanks for reminding me about this mag.

  3. Are you sure that’s a sheep? It sure looks like a pig to me, especially with that kinky tail. Thanks for the MS craft mag tip; I’m off to search it out.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Hehe, the big picture is of a pig, but there is another felted sweater plushie that’s a little lamb :)

    I’m glad you like the review! Happy Christmas Crafting!

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