Lainie’s Tote

Over Chirstmas break I went into a bag making frenzy. I made myself a market bag, my sister 2, and had plans for another for my friend. When she came over to pick out her fabric her daughter came along too. I told her that I would make her a market bag just for her. You know, kid’s sized. She picked out some awesome fabric and buttons for it. I whipped it right up and dropped it off at her house. I never did finish her mom’s bag. Her birthday in April for sure.


Download the pattern here (pdf).

In other news, I am back on track, almost. This week my two goals are to update the shop (finally, i know, i know, long time since the last time), update the archive, and get a head start on clm for April (which is going to kick butt because it’s my birthday month, so it will be some of my favorite things in this issue). Sign up to the mailing list (link in the side bar) if you want to get Short notices when I update the shop.

On other fronts, I got my hands on a loom this past weekend! for free! you can read about it over on the Kristin Roach: Blog. I’m going to be posting shots of all the other fun stuff that came with it this week coming up too. I have been so lucky. There are pictures of it crammed into my van on my flickr page.

And last, but not least, I have new yarn in my other shop, Green Prairie Fibers, and the cool new thing is that I now have yarn for dyeing, so in the raw that you can try dyeing yourself. Right now just sock and worsted, but I’m adding some dk and bulky merino soon. Oh and I’m adding some stitch markers too! I made the beads myself, hooray and fancy!

See you all later!

7 thoughts on “Lainie’s Tote

  1. I love the little bag and I have a couple little friends who would enjoy such a bag! I can’t seem to click on the PDF link though…

  2. Love this!! I will definitely be using this pattern with some stash-busting projects I have in mind too!

  3. Very Cute! Thanks for posting the pattern, but the file to the pattern is damaged. Can you fix it?

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